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London, 14th July 2015

The UK today announced that it will ban overseas students from outside the European Union to work while they study in the country from the next month, a move that will hit students from countries like India.


UK immigration minister James Brokenshire said that from next month students from outside the European Union who come to study at publicly-funded further education (FE) colleges in Britain will lose the right to work for up to 10 hours a week.


In justifying the decision, the UK Home Office highlighted official figures which show 121,000 non-EU students entering the UK last year but only 51,000 leaving.


Not only will non-EU student be banned from working while they study, but they will not be able to apply for a visa when their course finishes either.


As a further crackdown, the term of the student visas issued for FE colleges has also been cut from three to a maximum of two years after which they will have to leave the country.


FE colleges are educational institutions operating outside the realms of a full-blown university and include a range of vocational colleges in the UK.



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