Family Sponsorship



The government of Canada is firmly committed to keeping families together and allowed family members to be sponsored for immigration in Canada. In the Family Sponsorship program, if a Canadian permanent resident has a family member whom they want to migrate to Canada, they can easily sponsor them with family sponsorship.

General Requirements for the Sponsorship :-

1   At least 18 years of age
2  The Sponsor must be a Canadian citizen or hold a PR in Canada as per under the Canadian Indian Act
3  If you are living outside Canada, you must show that you have the plan to live in Canada when the person becomes a permanent resident.
4  You cannot sponsor the other person, if you have Canada PR but live outside Canada.
5  You should be able to prove that you are not getting social assistance other than a disability

You also need to show that you can provide basic needs for

1   Yourself
2   Your spouse or partner
3   Your spouse or partner’s children
4   Your Dependant child (if you are sponsoring a dependent child)

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