Visitor Visa



A Tourist Visa is also termed a Temporary Resident Visa. The Canadian Visitor Visa is only valid for a particular time and does not allow people to conduct business in the country. If you wish to apply for a Business Visa, the Across Border Visa Inc. team is ready to help you with the application procedure, qualifying requirements, and documentation.

Eligibility and Requirements :-

The visitors to Canada should ensure to meet the following criteria

1 Should have a valid passport
2 Should have a letter of invitation from the resident of Canada
3 Complete medical examination
4 The visitors should not have any criminal record
5 The visitor should convince the Visa officer that they will return to the nation after completing the trip.
6 The visitor should convince the immigration officer that they have ties- like a job, home, assets or family that will help them to return to their country.
7 The visitor needs to have enough money for their stay. The amount of money depends on how long you will be there.

The visitors can stay up to 6 months in Canada with the Visitor Visa Permit. At Across border Visa Inc., we make this process smoother and faster. To know your chances for approval fill out our free assessment form andleave the rest with us.

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