Work Visa



In order to work in Canada, all immigrants need to obtain a work permit. Here are some basic requirements for all types of work permits.

Several types of Work permit :- 

1  Post-graduate work permit 
2  Temporary Work Permit for Spouse 
3  Temporary Resident Permit 
4  World youth program permit 
5  Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program 
6  Regular work permit 
7  Bridging work permit

International Experience Canada – Work Permit If you are at your young age from 18-35 and want to work in Canada through International Experience Canada(IEC)!

It is a government program to help you

1 Gain international work experience
2 Improve English and French Language skills
3 Work in Canada and fund the trip

While applying for a work permit, the individual should have a completeidea of the stream of work permits. To find out more about work permits, contact us.

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